30 Jun Renewable Energy Services

In the current world, the scarcity of resources is so alarming that the issue of availability of sufficient and reliable energy for everyone is becoming a cause for alarm. The only solution to the looming energy crisis lies in the use of alternative, renewable energy as opposed to the use of fossil fuels to generate energy. One of such source of renewable energy is wind energy, which can be harnessed in an environment friendly process that also provides sufficient energy to any given population. One company in the Barrie area that has come forward to construct wind energy farms is B & J Contracting, which has state of the art equipment that can comfortably handle any given project.

Completed Projects

When it comes to wind farm construction; skill, expertise, commitment, professionalism and safety are some of the things to consider so that the project runs as smooth as possible and the desired results are realized promptly. Currently, B & J has already completed the construction of two wind farms which are both functional and up to the required standards. Completion of these two projects was made possible by the team of skilled staff that helps us stay ahead of the competition to become the number one choice for any client who wishes to construct a wind farm.

In case you are wondering how B & J is a Jack of all trades in this sector, then a brief explanation of what we did on the previous job will show you the diversity of the services you stand to receive if you hire us for your project. The initial step of the entire job entails handling the civil work, which lays the foundation for the project. The work involved building of access roads, widening and making improvements on the intersection, putting in place mechanisms to control soil erosion, excavating the turbine and backfill, creek crossing and crane pad construction.

In addition to the above, we also took part in assisting the electrical contractors and other technicians with the civil aspects of their work. This ensured that their work was made easier and safer by laying the foundation of what they had to do. A combination of all these efforts is what led to the successful construction of the two wind farms whose quality is second to none.

Work In Progress

Currently, B & J Contracting is working on a third project. We are always assured of the professionalism of our services, strict adherence to regulations and most importantly, the guarantee that these wind farms will serve their intended purpose without any technical or mechanical complications.

How Everyone Gets To Benefit

Wind energy is a green source of energy, which is also reliable as it is readily available at all times. Wind turbines, if constructed in the right way pose no hazard to residents. B & J is fully committed to ensure that the current and future generation never suffers from energy shortage through construction of wind farms throughout the country.