30 Jun Worksite Safety

Being one of the most dangerous land-based industries, construction hazards can be at times difficult to control due to the ever-changing work environment. Some of the leading on site hazards are: fall from great heights, excavation accidents, vehicle crashes and electrocution among others. Because of this, safety training is highly recommended for all individuals who set foot on a construction site. B & J Contracting provides all of their employees with excellent, quality training to help prevent any and all workplace accidents.

Worksite safety training is a vital exercise that every construction worker must undergo and be well versed in onsite safety procedures. The practical training that is available to B & J Contracting employees combines both current content and hands-on experience, meets all the regulatory requirements and is facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

Some of the important and key areas that are prone to hazards on the job site are:


When not properly erected, scaffolds can cause fatal fall accidents. Therefore, protecting workers from scaffold related accidents is very vital in preventing injuries and fall accidents. To prevent such fall accidents, scaffolds should be erected properly, be sound & rigid and above all, sufficient & strong enough to carry its weight together with ability to carry the maximum intended load.


Some hazards associated with stairways are: slips, falls and trips. To avoid all these, stairways must be free from debris, foreign materials and other dangerous objects likely to cause accidents.


Accidents caused by trench collapse are not new in the construction industry. Most fatalities have been caused by trench collapse. To avoid being a victim, never ever enter a trench that is unprotected. Always use a working protective system for trenches while doing construction work.


A number of injuries and fatalities caused by ladders occur every year. Many of them are serious and they call for time off or workers compensation. To curb these, you should use the correct ladder for each job, must be long enough to reach the intended areas and never overload them beyond the rated or recommended capacity.

Civil construction also has its own related problems and workplace accidents that every construction worker must beware of. Road construction, pipe laying, bridge construction and drains maintenance require safety measures to avoid hazards related to such activities. Prevention through training is the best way to prevent all these.

B & J Contracting provides all of thier employees with all the tools necessary to keep everyone safe while on the job.  Contact B & J for more information on safety procedures and precautions info@b-jcontracting.com